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by Tami Payne - Thursday, 9 June 2022, 5:18 AM
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Contact: Portrait Professional, Step-By-Step Starting Price: $99 (Standard) $149 (studio). Smart watches Watch Urbane A cursory inspection of the updated line of smartwatches from Pebble showed that throughout the year the developers were able to significantly improve their products. Pebble Watch Urban, for example, has undergone changes in appearance. The watch now has a dial that displays the number of hours for the current date and the weather forecast for the coming days. The watch bracelet now consists of two parts. One is made of stainless steel, and the other is made of inexpensive plastic. The most interesting thing is that both parts of the bracelet should serve the owner longer than the watch case. By itself, the material of the case is strong enough, so that even if dropped or pressed, the watch will not break. Another improvement is the built-in sensor, which should determine the pressing force. The new watch strap is also made of stainless and non-combustible steel. As usual, the watch can run not only on one battery, but also on two batteries. Unfortunately, the clock will no longer work. The Pebke Watch xS version, for example, among other things, has at its disposal a number of Bluetooth receivers that allow you to freely communicate with devices that support this technology. These can be devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, etc. The Speed ​​4 model has at its disposal various protocols for connection, such as HTTPS, Jabber, VKontakte and Facebook Connect.At present, this time is quite enough to congratulate all users of the WhatsApp messenger on the upcoming New Year. Speed4 also has a built-in GPS module with A-GPS support, which allows you to determine the location of a mobile phone, even if it is turned off or in sleep mode. Other features include the Speed ​​Keyboard and a Wi-Fi model that allows you to quickly create text documents and spreadsheets. As you can see, the list of applications is quite impressive. Like many other modern devices, PebLe Watch received a pretty good design. The appearance of the watch is in perfect harmony with all the details of the smartphone, but at the same time it does not distract too much from the main functions that make it an indispensable accessory. Video review of PebKeys and PebControls Speed